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A Case of the Monday's

I usually don't have a problem with Monday's - we get along pretty well actually! I try to respect the least loved day of the week for what it brings to the table: it's the first day of a fresh work week, it's a clean slate and I think that it is the perfect day to treat myself to a fancy coffee. I thought that Monday and I were on the level. 

This past Monday, we were not on the level. I had too many bags with me on the subway and was in everyone's way, the fancy coffee that I got for myself added to my awkwardness, on my way out of the subway I realized that I had probably left my work ID at home, and spent 15 minutes on a bench outside of Rockefeller Center taking everything of alllllll of my bags. By the end of my search I had most of my worldly possessions strewn out in front of me, but no ID.  

I finally made it to my office, set myself up with my open laptop and a glass of water and within 30 minutes I had spilled the contents of said glass all over my keyboar…

Small Bites and Little Victories

Small bites and little victories is the way that I like to live my life.  It makes me feel like everything is not only manageable, but reminds me that those small wins deserve to be celebrated! Your boss told you that you kicked ass in a meeting - go get yourself a glass of champagne, you star! You deserve it. (Seriously though, go pour yourself some - its good for you!!)

I adopted this mindset about seven years ago, when, after a wide right turn on a morning bike ride, I found myself on the business end of an 18 wheel truck.  I woke up in the ICU after 10 hours of emergency surgery without feeling in my legs, my pelvis fractured in 5 places, all of my ribs broken, a punctured lung, and intense internal injuries.  In a few seconds I went from being an incredibly athletic and active twenty five year old brooklynite, to a broken little human who the doctors told probably wouldn't walk again.

All of us have been in a position where we feel like our vertical world has gone horizontal…