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Compliment party

Last week I made plans to have dinner with my friend Kim. Dinner and drinks with her are always a power catch up,  and so incredibly fun! Our conversations range from religion, love, work, mediation, our favorite crock pot recipes to where to find the best Bloody Mary's in the City. The topics always vary, but the tone of the conversation is always the same - complimentary and kind. We're usually only about half a glass into whatever we're drinking before I find myself not being able to hold myself back from telling Kim how wonderful I think she is. That's why when I saw the meeting invite that Kim sent over for our hang I couldn't help but giggle to myself, it read: "Kim + Katie Compliment Party."

Kim and I went to a small liberal arts school in Ohio, called Denison University, which isa really special place. The people that I spent my 4 years of school with were hilarious, extroverted, fun loving and so good to one another! The way that Kim and I hang ou…