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Playing Catch Up

My body and I have been in a little fight of late.  Nothing huge mind you, we're still on speaking terms.  I'm just a little colder to the ol' bod than I usually am. I've found I'm quicker to anger and not as patient with it as I'd like to be. It may be because its creeping up on spring (even though it doesn't feel like it in Brooklyn today - brr you guys, BRRRR!), and my body is still holding fast to my sweater bod (Rude! Doesn't it know that its almost sundress time?!)  Or, it could be because I've been having some additional health challenges of late that have made me feel like my body has turned on me. Like we're just not on the same page.  Which feels sad, and kind of confusing.

When I woke up this morning to go work out, I was still feeling my feelings about my body and I made a decision that something needed to change.  I needed to do something to feel like my body was my own, that it was strong and capable and that I loved the shit out …